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Ray Donovan: The Movie 2022

Ray Donovan: The Movie

7.10 HD 2022 100 min
"Ray Donovan: The Movie" picks up where season 7 ended. Ray's father Mickey is on the run with valuable documents belonging to the Donovan's long-time rivals, the Sullivan clan. While Ray and his brothers Terry, Bunchy and Daryll are dealing with the usual questions of fate and a haunted past from which they'll never quite escape. Ray's daughter Bridget has been left a young widow and has managed to retain her humanity. When Ray and his brothers share darkly funny war stories about their family over drinks shortly after Smitty is laid to rest. But Ray can never drink away his past, as we're reminded in the Boston-set flashback scenes. In present day, Ray literally has blood on his hands as he confides via telephone to his therapist. We don't know until the very end of the story whose blood Ray is wearing, but we're not surprised when we finally find out.
7.8 of 72